It’s hard not to think of humans as numbers when reading the news. I want to try and picture what they were like, their laughter, personality. I want to connect with these women through all of that digital noise and really feel them as human beings. Not just numbers, not spa workers, not their stereotypes created in the digital reality but their true humanity, their souls.

Will it amplify my pain?

My beautiful sisters. They probably were holding someone up in their lives, with their work, their service, their nurturing natures.I can only imagine a huge void left in the families of these beautiful women.

I mourn with them and can’t stop thinking about how to stop this nonsense? How can we stop killing each other ? How can become more connected beyond our race and stereotypes? Those things keep me up at night. I know I can’t solve anything today or even significantly but I have to try.

I wake up and work on Oncata, because I know that media representation matters, stereotypes matter, what we put in people’s heads about culture matters, how we show people in their element matters and most importantly, what kind of stories we tell matters a huge deal.

It’s time that we take content creation beyond just placing people as pawns in the content. No more check marks for the race. We need to start telling true stories, showing true culture of so many diverse people that live in this country. Show beautiful, brilliant, unique culture of each individual of color. Not just in art house movies, but everywhere in the media consumed by the masses. So we can finally connect to “other” through our humanity, our emotions. Finally understand that we are one human race.

When asked about ethnicity I always mark myself as Asian. I was born in Central Asia, crossroads of Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe, so I can relate to many cultures. My grandfather, who looked even more Asian than I am, always carried himself with such pride that I never thought of myself inferior to people possesing European standard of beauty. His spirit made it known to the world, he is a descended of Genghis Khan, don’t mess with my grandpa. I see him in my daughters and think of how amazing our heritage is.

I will be sending all the love I can master to the families of the fallen women. In my heart, I want to hope that their lives were not sacrificed in vain. That we will keep moving towards raising awareness about stereotypes, traumas and alienation created by the synthetic society we live in.

I will also hold space in my heart for the boy who committed the crime. it’s irrelevant if he hated all women or specifically Asian women. He is another product of the times we live in, with humans disconnected from their communities and their souls. Times when mental health is addressed with overpriced, highly addictive pills and not through wholesome healing of the body, mind and spirit. WE HAVE TO DO BETTER.

Promoting authenticity and beauty of indigenous cultures around the world. CEO and Co-Founder of Oncata